Gunner Abraham Yudkin was an English soldier of the British Army who died during the Second World War.

He was born in Hackney, London, in 1914, the son of Anne and Sam Yudkin.

Yudkin, who was married to Frances Simons, served with 48 Battery, 21st Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment on the island of Java, while in support of Free Dutch Forces present in the Dutch East Indies. The regiment was captured after the Japanese invaded the island in February 1942.[1]

Yudkin died on 29 November 1943 when the Japanese transport Suez Maru, one of a number of vessels known to Allied POWs as "hell ships", in which he was embarked aboard was torpedoed by the American submarine USS Bonefish in the Java Sea.[2]

The Suez Maru had been transporting 640 passengers, of which 547 were Dutch and British, to occupied Java. An escorting minesweeper shot Allied POWs who survived the initial sinking on the orders of the Suez Maru's captain.[3]

Yudkin has no known grave and is commemorated by the Singapore Memorial.


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Yudkin, Abraham

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