Lieutenant Elliot Adams Chapin was an American airman of the Royal Air Force who died during the First World War.

He was born on 10 May 1895, in Somerville, Massachusetts, the son of Cyrus Smith and Alice Chapin (née Bigelow). Chapin attended Phillips Andover Academy and later Harvard, being a posthumous member of the institution's "Class of 1918".

While still studying, in April 1917, Chapin enlisted in the United States Naval Reserve, Coast Patrol. He left the organisation in August and subsequently volunteered to serve in Britain's Royal Flying Corps. Chapin trained at Toronto, Canada, and Fort Worth, Texas before being dispatched to Europe aboard the troopship SS Tunisian, part of a convoy that suffered the loss of the liner SS Tuscania to a German U-boat attack.

After additional training at Salisbury, Chapin went to France and joined the 99th Squadron, equipped with DH.9 bombers. He died on 27 June 1918, when he was shot down while returning from a successfully completed bombing mission that had targeted the railway at Thionville.

He is buried in Chambieres French National Cemetery, Metz.


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