Flight Sergeant James David Oxenburgh, DFM was an English airman of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve who died during the Second World War.

He was born in 1920, in Hackney, the son of Russian-born Jack (or Jacob) and Elizabeth Oxenburgh (née Levy).

Oxenburgh, an air gunner in 51 Squadron, died on 2 May 1944, when a German night-fighter shot down his Handley Page Halifax (serial MZ593), east of Roeselare, while it was engaged on an operation against railroad infrastructure.[1] In 1943, Oxenburgh had been awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal for his conduct as an air gunner while serving in that capacity with 158 Squadron. His citation, published in the London Gazette on 29 October 1943, reads:

"As air gunner, Flight Sergeant Oxenburgh has completed a large number of sorties including attacks on such targets as Berlin, Hamburg and Essen. He is a cool and reliable member of aircraft crew and, on more than one occasion, his vigilance and skill have contributed materially to the safe return of his aircraft. His keeness and devotion to duty have been most praiseworthy."[2]
He is buried in Wevelgem Communal Cemetery.


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