Captain Joseph Warren Burden, Jr was an American officer of the British Army who died during the Second World War.

He was born on 28 April 1918, in Mt Kisco, New York City, the son of investment banker Joseph Warren and the English actress Margery Burden (née Maude).[1] Burden received his formative education in Massachusetts, attending the private Groton School (alongside his friend Quentin Roosevelt II, with whom he discovered a new species of fossil pronghorn antelope).

As a child, he undertook very occasional visits to his mother's homeland, and it was while enrolled at Oxford University that he volunteered for the British Army when war broke out in 1939. After encountering some issues in doing so due to his nationality, Burden briefly returned to Oxford and was offered the opportunity to serve with an American ambulance crew in support of the French Army. He instead elected to renounce his American citizenship and enlist in the Seaforth Highlanders.[1]

In January 1941, he was gazetted into the Scots Guards as a second-lieutenant, having passed out from an Officer Cadet Training Unit (OCTU).[2] Burden died on 21 July 1944,[1] on the day most of the 3rd Armoured Battalion, Scots Guards landed at Juno Beach, Normandy.[3]

He is buried in Banneville-la-Campagne War Cemetery.


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