Pilot Officer Kenneth Kirkcaldie was a New Zealand airman of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve who was killed during the Seocnd World War.

He was born the son of Herbert and Kathleen Kirkcaldie, of Wellington City, New Zealand. His brother, Flight Lieutenant John Kirkcaldie, died while serving with the Royal New Zealand Air Force on 2 December 1944, in Wellington, New Zealand.

Kirkcaldie was a respected cricketer at Wangnui Collegiate School and was a lawyer prior to his enlistment. He served as a pilot in 32 Squadron, equpped with Hawker Hurricane fighters, and was shot down on a patrol during the Battle of France on 8 June 1940, aged 28.

Krikaldie, who married Esma Mae, is buried in Houville-en-Vexin Churchyard.

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