Lieutenant Michele Arthur Kennedy Pinci was an English officer of the British Army who died during the Second World War.

He was born on 13 June 1923, at Pangbourne, Berkshire,[1] the only son of Italian-born Conte Mario Pinci and Gwendoline Kennedy, the Contessa Pinci, later of Paris, France. Pinci was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Royal Artillery on 26 June 1943.[2]

After transferring to the 2nd Special Air Service Regiment, Pinci was inserted into the Côte-d'Or, France in August 1944. Fluent in French, Pinci acted as a liaison between the SAS and the Maquis resistance, and to facilitate his mission obtained a Lancia from his family home. It was while patrolling in this vehicle that he was killed on 11 September, at Recey-sur-Ource, when a British aircraft mistook it for a German car.[3][4]

He is buried in Clichy Northern Cemetery.


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