Private Orazio Abbott Corte was a soldier of the British Army who died during the First World War.

He was born on 27 December 1891, in Turin, Italy, the son of Ferdinando and Maria Corte (née Castagneri),[1] a family that hailed from Andorno. Corte, whose mother was described as an "invalid", went to England in 1907, more than a year after his father death's in 1905. He stayed with George and Edith Abbott, of Tunbridge Wells, who went onto adopt Corte in 1908.[2] He was granted a certificate of naturalization in December 1913.

In England, Corte studied at Skinners' School and, from 1910 to 1915, the University College, London. At the latter institution, in 1913 and 1914, respectively, Corte took a first in his B.Sc examination and was elected to a Jessel Studentship in Mathematics. He extended his stay at the college in 1913, in pursuit of an M.A., having committed to the teaching of mathematics and research work.[2] When Italy entered the war on the Allied side, in 1915, Corte made an unsuccessful attempt to enlist in the Italian Army. Poor eyesight dashed his subsequent efforts to apply for entry into the British Army's Officers Training Corps.[2]

Thus, in December 1915, Corte decided then to enlist as an other rank. He qualified as a machine gunner in the 7th Battalion, The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), with which he served on the Western Front.[2] He died on 18 November 1916, in an attack on the Grandcourt Trench, in the Battle of the Ancre.[1] A memorial scholarship - the Corte Studentship in Mathematics - was founded at UCL in 1953, in accordance with the will of Corte's adopted mother.[3]

He has no known grave and is commemorated by the Thiepval Memorial.


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