Corporal Salo Weich, who served under the nom de guerre of Robert Geoffrey Hamilton, was a soldier of the British Army who died during the Second World War.

He was born in Poland, on 1 August 1916, the son of Jacob and Sabine Weich, of Vienna, Austria. Weich served in the Pioneer Corps and Royal Sussex Regiment before he joined No. 3 (X) Troop, No. 10 Commando, a unit composed of Jewish refugees.

Weich died on 1 November 1944, in the town of Westkappelle, on the island of Walcheren. He had landed there as part of the Allied amphibibious assault on the island (Operation Infatuate) while attached to No. 41 (Royal Marine) Commando.

He is buried in Bergen-Op-Zoom War Cemetery, The Netherlands.


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